Special Thanks!

SpecialThanks_SignLanguageSeldom does one have the opportunity to single out those who have had great impact on their professional learning.  This is my salute to several individuals who amazed and educated me in the use of sign language and in deaf studies.  These people I hold dear!

Myra Taft-Watson – University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Interpreter Training Program

Dr. Glenn Anderson – Instructor, Research and Training Center on  Deafness

Linda Stauffer – Fellow Student at the Research & Training Center on Deafness

**Dr. Ellie Rosenfield – National Tech. Institute for the Deaf

Linda Iacelli – National Tech. Institute for the Deaf National Center on Employment of the Deaf

Elizabeth Ewell – Director of the National Center on Employment of the Deaf, NTID

Houston Nutt – Arkansas School for the Deaf